Young-Gator was born Marquivius Brockington in Broxton, Georgia, he has bestowed his Rap name Young-Gator by his elderly cousin Germany Brockington. He was raised in the South-Side of Broxton Known as the (L.O.C.).

Growing up, Gator was hardened by the many difficult experiences he was put through. His Neighborhood, notorious for drugs and crimes, was a place feared by the outsiders of Broxton. Gator got involved into playing sports and was actually good at it. He played sports to get out of the fast life living and he was expected to move on up to a new level in his sports career.

With no father figure around to help and guide Gator, He turned to drugs and crime. After catching his first charge with a concealed weapon, Gator started back rapping and began to get serious about his music. Living in a small town Gator had no contacts, no real means of exposure. In 2001 Gator teamed up with his brother G.A.T. a rapper/producer. G.A.T. produced Gator's first solo Album "One Of A Kind".. This Album sweep through South Georgia , Gator was starting to make a name for his self. Later on down the road 2002-2005 Gator took time off from his music and turned back to the street life, because he felt as his music wasn't going anywhere.

In 2006 Gator got back to his music and made a hit single called "Ain't I'm Fresh" that flooded the radio station in his area 96.7. In 2007 Gator and his brother G.A.T. dropped another album called "Coming For It" which featured Gator's younger cousin Lil Ratchet And Lil Reed, and G.A.T.'s younger cousin S.B. They hit songs on that album was "How U Jig" and "Dogman" Later they dropped another album called "Da Take Ova" which featured Gator's other younger cousin Yung-Keemie..The hit songs on that album were "Get Loose" and "I Do"

Gator's Talent now became untouchable. He's working on a new solo album "Da Chosen One" which will get released around November, 14 with the whole Cd being a hit. Up the way Gator and G.A.T. has a album dropping in the middle of August called  "Blud Bruthaz" with the hit "So Fly" on it. Gator is anxiously waiting to show the world his skills are unbearable..!!!!